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Monthly Archives: May 2011

Why have a website on the Internet?

When I talk with clients about their website desires. The reasons or actual needs that are explained are always very interesting and a bit confusing. There tends to be a want and desire but little true direction on what shape or form the web site should have.

The true heart of what we find to answer the why are:

  1. Grow a business by expanding the customer base through the use of the web
  2. Reach various current or new target audiences, knowing that more and more people use the web to find the business services they want or need
  3. Find new and more efficient ways to communicate with existing and future customers
  4. To keep up with the times and show you are a savey business that understands your clients needs
  5. The client’s customers expects to see a web presence

Understanding the why of the client.

A website must be an extension of the clients and their business.  The feeling and impressions found on the site are vital.  Designers must know their clients direction and business concerns. Web Designer’s activities always need to center on the clients web needs and what business activities they wish to have that involve the web.  The best way to do this is with a formal survey process plus one on one meetings.  The formal survey process and recorded information insures that the designer and clients are as we say, “on the same page”.   With the survey, the designer attempts to capture and understand and the direction in which a clients wants for the web  presences, plus it insures that no vital area has been overlooked.

We find that through interviews with the principle parties of the business. The design team leader thus can  understand and actually walk the client through their own thoughts and concerns the client wants the project to follow.

Good web designers tailors their efforts to the clients true sense of why they want the site  and answers the how of the equations with program elements laid out in an integrated plan.    I encourage you to look at the design process KMH Kreations has outlined on their website as a strong method to understand the clients whys of  website development.

Internet Marketing is like picking fruit

Internet Marketing is a scary term.  What do you do???

We have been receiving so much information on the subject, we decided to put together a plan on how to do it based on the current technologies and how internet users can be reached.  Our research shows that the processes are not complicated but they are very time consuming.   But on the other hand the results are quite exciting.

The biggest thing that needs to be done is to research, then analyze and finally plan your approach.  The urge is to jump right into the process and “blast” the world with information.  But there are so many portals to consider.  Analysis is important to making the right decision on where to spend your marketing dollar.  The research part of the plan does something else, it helps you focus on your marketing direction and that takes that “forest feeling” out of the equation.  Research enables you to see the fruit bearing trees.  Shaking a spruce tree to get apples to fall doesn’t work. Neither does advertising  or putting information in front of someone who is not interested won’t get new clients.

So, don’t be scared of Internet Marketing rather plan and prepare.  The fruit is there for the picking.  We have put together several tools that makes this process a lot easier for everyone.  Contact KMH Kreations and let us be your guide through the process.


Use of Internet technology as we see it

I saw an article on the TV news  about blogging and making money.  What a great idea!  It was quite interesting to see how people are writing and other people reading and then are going to other sites they saw listed (linked) to the blog site.  Because of the visits to other sites posted on the web site, the blogger is making money and advertisers are making money and everyone has a great experience.The idea is not new, but the ways to do it are a lot easier with new technologies.  Best part is that it appears that this form of technology meets the need of a lot of people.I Love to BLOG for money

I will caution you that a good blog site takes dedication and time to develop a following.  The rewards can be very nice, but it is work.  I am not trying to scare anyone away from blogging, rather I am trying to set a proper expectation of the task.  Like any real opportunity you  need to work at it, and with time and perseverance; good things will come to you.

It is actually a lot of fun and very rewarding to the soul…



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