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Wanting Google+ Invites Causes People to Forget About Spammers

Stop SpamOver the past week, I’ve seen a ridiculous amount of people paste their email address all over the internet.  As a professional Web Designer that works with KMH Kreations, a company that understands privacy protection, this makes my stomach churn.  If you are reading this to find out how to get an invite, the click here to read the only safe, dependable way to get one.

What I can’t believe, is how all of the people have forgotten that spammers thrive on acquiring free contact information.  On a Google+ Fanpage (which doesn’t seem to be affiliated with Google), you can click on the comments of any post and see tons of people who have offered up their email addresses in hopes of receiving an invite.  This is just one example from thousands of web pages that have offered an invite, and have been flooded with addresses.

Come on people, you know better than this!

Money Wanted

Taken to the next level, many people on Ebay are now offering up invites at a price.  These people have no more of a guarantee to get you into Google+ than fly.  Beware; you may be out money for nothing.

For the Determined Few…

If you are determined to give someone an email address in trade for an invite, there are many websites that have a form you can fill out, and they will invite you.  This is marginally less dangerous because you have given your email address to one person, not the whole world.

Rules to Live By

Be smart by being cautious!  Don’t blast your email address to the world.  Even though your email address may be public, adding your email address to a bulk list is just asking for spam.  Spammers are most likely going to grab your email from a giant list than go hunting for it.

Personal Note:

I cannot even believe that I am writing this article, but as someone who is trained and aware of law and how it pertains to the internet, this is a security nightmare!  How many websites can you think of where you login using your email address as your login ID.  This could get worse.  Do yourself a favor, stop pasting your email addresses in public forums.

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