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Monthly Archives: August 2011

Top 5 Myths about Social Media

Social Media MythsSocial Media is today’s hottest form of inbound marketing.  Any business that wants to compete in today’s market needs to have a social media action plan to keep up with their competitors.  With everybody and their brother jumping on the social media bandwagon, there are 5 myths that need to be put to rest.  These are:

If I build it, they will come…

Every internet marketer out there wishes that this was the case, but in actuality, this is not the case!  Constant promotion on your social media platforms targeted towards your target audience is required to build your brand on social media.  The key to social media is to provide quality content frequently to your followers, and more will come. Continue reading

How to Find New Blog Topics

Blog IdeasStuck in a rut? Do you need more topics to get your blog rolling again?   Keeping content current and fresh on a blog is very important to keep your reader base.  Everyone knows this, but the idea of constantly finding new topics to write about can sometimes be the difference between successful or unsuccessful blogs.  If you have this problem than have no fear!  Trying some of these ideas will help get the “creative blogging juices” flowing!

Review Your Old Posts

Going back and reviewing the topics you have written about in the past is a great starting point to come up with new ideas.  It sounds like the antithesis of what you are looking for,  but if you give your old posts some attention, you may find sub-topics you can cover in more detail, or at least remind yourself of the topics you are an expert at, which will give you a starting point. Continue reading


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