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Top 5 Myths about Social Media

Social Media MythsSocial Media is today’s hottest form of inbound marketing.  Any business that wants to compete in today’s market needs to have a social media action plan to keep up with their competitors.  With everybody and their brother jumping on the social media bandwagon, there are 5 myths that need to be put to rest.  These are:

If I build it, they will come…

Every internet marketer out there wishes that this was the case, but in actuality, this is not the case!  Constant promotion on your social media platforms targeted towards your target audience is required to build your brand on social media.  The key to social media is to provide quality content frequently to your followers, and more will come.

It’s so simple, anyone can do it…

Can you do open heart surgery?  The truth of the matter is there is not any profession out there that everyone can do, because if there was, the profession would be worthless.  Social Media Management takes time, training, and experience like any other profession.  Launching a social media campaign with an inexperienced manager at the helm is just as disastrous as any other type of marketing campaign.  Spread the wrong message and you are sunk.  Just keep this in mind when you decide who is going to do your social media management.

My Company must be on every social network…

The idea of being on every social networking and social bookmarking website is just ridiculous!  There are thousands of these sites out there.  A better approach is to market yourself or your company on the most popular social networking & social bookmarking websites.  For more information, see our Driving Traffic to your Website for Free article for the best networks.

If I have Social Media Profiles, then I don’t need a website!

Social Media is used to help businesses manage and promote their brand online.  However, each social media website has a specific structure, to regulate what the users can do with their profiles.  Businesses generally do not want to be tied down to a specific framework.  In order to do proper online marketing for your business, you need to have complete control over the content and metadata on your website, with a specific web address.  In this day and age, any product or service that needs to be marketed needs a website.

My Company Doesn’t Need to Dabble in Social Media…

If you want to succeed in today’s business model, then Social Media is a must.  With the low to no cost that it takes to begin your social media marketing campaign, why would you overlook the most current and trending form of marketing?  Your company will benefit from the visibility alone, let alone all of the other perks that social media has to offer.  Social Media is a tool that can provide businesses with important customer feedback, great advertising space, and web traffic for their website.  Not to mention, social media is the online version of “word of mouth” that builds brand credibility.

The most important aspect of social media is the ability to connect large companies with their customer base, and this fact alone is what makes for the interesting times we live in.

If there are any other myths about social media you can think of, leave a comment and put them to rest!

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