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Monthly Archives: September 2011

What’s New in Joomla! 1.7 And Should You Upgrade

Joomla 1.7Web designers everywhere are still getting used to all the new added features of Joomla! 1.6, but now Joomla! 1.7 is here.  Web designers who enjoyed all of the brilliant new changes like Access Control lists and multiple themes to a single template may be expecting the same amount of updates to the 1.7 version.  They will be sorely disappointed.  Joomla! 1.7 has a few changes but nowhere near the amount as the previous update.

It took 3 years to produce Joomla! 1.6 after 1.5, but only 6 months to come out with 1.7 which is supposed to be the beginning of a 6 month revision to revision cycle.  The down side is less new features, but that boon is far outweighed by the ability to keep on top of security through more frequent updating. Continue reading

How to add a Splash Page in front of Your WordPress Blog

Under ConstructionSometimes it is not a good thing to unveil the curtain until the website is ready.  This is not uncommon.  A lot of companies put up a construction style splash page or a squeeze page in front of their website.  This can sometimes be tricky when it comes to having the page appear as the default page in front of a CMS like WordPress.

However, have no fear, it is not time consuming to put a page in front of your WordPress blog.  The task just requires a few configurations that have to be right in order for the site to display properly or the wrong page will display.

In this tutorial, we will go through these two steps. Continue reading

How to Remove the Comments from your WordPress Website

No CommentWordPress is becoming a very popular option for not only creating blogs, but now actual page driven websites as well.  The downside to WordPress, at least right now, is that the comments box sits at the bottom of every page, because the software is still predominantly a blog management system.  However, we have clients that want their website hosted in WordPress, but don’t want the option of comments available to their website visitors.   This tutorial will show you how to remove comments from your WordPress website. Continue reading

How to add a Dollar Sign ($) to prices in the RSForm Pro PayPal Plug-in

The Dollar SignThis may seem like a weird tutorial, but the people across the pond forget that in The United States & Canada, we like to see a dollar sign in front of our prices.  Recently we had a client ask us to set up an event online registration form, and include multiple registration packages into the form.  Our solution was to use RSForm Pro 1.3.0 Rev 40 with the PayPal Plug-in.  So, we installed the software, created the form, added the plug-in, and formatted everything to perfection.

Except, the customer wanted to see a dollar sign in front of their prices.  Not an unreasonable request, but a pain to find.   That being said this tutorial was written to help people find the character string in front of the prices and add a “$”.  A little tweak that would seem so simple, that it may be quite frustrating if you can’t find it. Continue reading


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