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Monthly Archives: October 2011

Free Halloween Digital Resources

With Halloween fast approaching, the hunt is on for free digital resources to spruce up a website, send e-cards, or even to create a poster for an upcoming Halloween party!  Instead of searching the internet, I have composed a list of free Halloween digital resources for your one-stop-shop Halloween needs.

As always, be sure to read each website’s “Terms of Use” policy when downloading any of these resources. Continue reading

How a Negative Post or Comment Can Help a Social Media Profile for a Business

Angry Smiley FaceAny business that engages in social media will get its fair share of angry or unhappy customers; there are many ways to handle the comments professionally, but many companies overlook the benefits of negative feedback.

Negative feedback can be turned into a satisfied customer, as long as it is handled to the customer’s satisfaction.  Let’s take a look at the positive benefits of negative comments. Continue reading

Adding an Artisteer Styled Template Button to the Content of Your Joomla Website

Artisteer ButtonArtisteer is a very easy to use and professional template creator.  The software can create custom designed templates/themes/layouts for popular CMS systems like Joomla! and Wordress.  Within the template creator, you can customize your buttons that will used to display on forms, widgets, and the “Read More” link in Joomla!

This tutorial shows how a button can be added within a post/page/article wherever you want it to be.  The only choices that need to be made, is whether the Artisteer template was created in version 3.x or 2.x, and whether the link opens in the same window or in a new one. Continue reading

The Dark Side of Social Media in 2011

Dark Side of Social MediaWith Social Media rising in heaps and bounds, everybody should be excited with all of the changes that are happening, right?  Not entirely so.  Unfortunately, with the increase in popularity and the technology available, there are a lot of tricks being used in social media to dilute the personal experience.

Social Media was designed to provide users with an interactive online experience, allowing friends and family to connect with one another whenever they wish, making the world just that much smaller.  The thing is, that with the popularity of social media comes some negative setbacks that are exploiting the experience, primarily to gain popularity for commercial brands, SEO companies, and internet marketers.  Rather than use social media the way it was originally intended, they ploy these tactics to drive up traffic, increase popularity, and rank better in search engines.

Now you might ask yourself: What is wrong with that?  The answer I would give if consulted on the subject is:  Even though these tactics are effective, they are taking the personal connection out of social media.  Below I’m going to share with you some “dark side” tactics used in building audiences and you can decide for yourself whether you would use these or not. Continue reading

How to Grow an Organic Twitter Following

Organic Twitter FollowingGrowing an organic Twitter following takes time and work, but the rewards outweigh the cost.  Twitter was built to allow people to engage and share information in 140 characters or less.  If you are looking to build a following with automation software or just to look popular, then this is not the article you are looking for.

The accounts I manage are growing at a steady pace with these tips and tools I share today.  With some luck and the right execution, your Twitter account will grow nicely, full of real and interesting people that you can network with and promote your knowledge, product or service. Continue reading


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