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The Top 4 Twitter Directories in 2011

Twitter Directory ReadingGetting listed in Twitter Directories is the first way to gain followers.  By adding your Twitter profile to the right categories within these directories, you can increase your exposure to other Twitter enthusiasts and hopefully increase your following as well.

When Twitter came out in 2006, and then became popular in 2007, there were many directories created.  However, over the last several years, many of the directories have disappeared, with only the largest of the directories remaining still popular today.  What will make this article worth reading is the single fact that this is a list of current popular directories.


Twellow is short for The Twitter Yellow Pages.  In order to get listed, (If you don’t get a pop-up immediately upon viewing the site) click the “Join Twellow” button in the top right corner.


Wefollow uses the exact same method as twellow for sign up.  You will see a pop-up right from the beginning.  Otherwise, click the “Add Yourself to Wefollow” button in the top right corner.


Twibs is an online Twitter directory for businesses.  To create your listing on Twibs, click the “Add Business” button in the top right corner (see a trend?).


Tweetfind is last on the list because the directory only provides a limited listing for free.  To create you listing, click the “Submit Your Twitter” button in the (you guessed it) top right corner.  After that you will be prompted to choose the free or paid version.

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