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Monthly Archives: November 2011

What is New in WordPress Version 3.3

WordPressThis November, WordPress 3.3 will be released after months of beta testing.  With the new revision come some new improvements that will improve the already great CMS.  Now keep in mind that some of these improvements will help improve the CMS, but others may be considered some minor GUI improvements that may not even be noticed. Continue reading

Optimizing a Web Page to Load Faster

HTMLA slow loading web page might as well not even exist.  Now that may seem like a bold statement, but consider this: 40% of web surfers will cancel or navigate to a different web page is it does not load in 3 seconds.  3 seconds!!!?   It takes that much time to turn your computer chair around and stand up.

Even though this information speaks volumes about the patience humans have with computers, the simple fact remains that 3 seconds or hopefully less is the standard that webmasters have to adhere to when it comes to designing web pages.

Have no fear!  There are some techniques you can implement that will help speed up your pages’ loading time and hopefully keep your pages well below the 3 second loading time. Continue reading

Hosting a Video on a WordPress Site which will be Compatible with iPad and iPhone Devices

Play ButtonA lot of people use Youtube to play videos, but every so often KMH Kreations encounters a client that wants to host and embed a video on their WordPress website, and not share the video on Youtube.  There are many different video players out there that will play on most browsers, but use Flash as a player and therefore alienate iOS users from being able to see the video.  With mobile phones growing in popularity as web devices, Flash players will not do.

Eventually HTML5 hopefully will replace Flash in everything including browser video playback, but for now, this tutorial will help WordPress website owners in the meantime. Continue reading

Gmail Application Returns to iOS App Store

Gmail iOS Application2 weeks ago, Gmail Launched it’s native application for the iPad, iPhone, & iPod Touch devices.  However, hours after the launch, Google had to pull the app from the virtual shelves due to several flaws, including a bug that broke iOS notifications.  The application also got slammed in the reviews for its lack of functionality.

On a blog post posted on Google’s Blog today, Mathew Izatt States:

“Two weeks ago, we introduced our Gmail app for iOS. Unfortunately it contained a bug which broke notifications and displayed an error message, so we removed it from the App Store. We’ve fixed the bug and notifications are now working, and the app is back in the App Store.”

Version 1.0.2 fixes the critical bugs, but does not add any new functionality to the application. Also, Gmail for iOS still does not support multiple accounts and still does not host email on the user’s device.

“We’re just getting started with the Gmail app for iOS and will be iterating rapidly to bring you more features, including all the ones listed above plus many more.”

Hopefully we will see these new features soon.


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