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Does Google find legal content spammy?

That is the ultimate question addressed in this video. Matt Cutts from Google has released a new Webmaster Help video which discusses the issue of duplicate content. This one is about duplicate content and how it relates to legal content, such as disclaimers and/or a website’s terms and conditions.

“The answer is, I wouldn’t stress about this unless the content that you have is duplicated as spammy or keyword stuffing or something like that, you know, then we might be – an algorithm or a person might take action on – but if it’s a legal boiler plate that’s sort of required to be there, we might, at most, might not want to count that, but it’s probably not going to cause you a big issue,” says Cutts.  “We do understand that lots of different places across the web do need to have various disclaimers, legal information, terms and conditions, that sort of stuff, and so it’s the sort of thing where if we were to not rank that stuff well, then that would probably hurt our overall search quality, so I wouldn’t stress about it,” he says.

What can you learn from this video:

Don’t make your disclaimers and/or terms and conditions keyword stuffed and spam like, just like any other good content on your website you create.

Always keep in mind that if you play by the Google’s rules (Even if some of them are a bit pushy), you site should remain unaffected by this issue.

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One Response to Does Google find legal content spammy?

  • Heres the central issue:Google thinks theres “millions of blackhatters” trying to game their search engine, when in actual fact there are only a few thousand.99.99% of webmasters who create websites are doing so to create quality content and aren’t trying to game anyone.The people who have been hit with this update are the legitimate WHITE HAT seo people. The blackhatters are probably laughing their heads off and are actually rising in the results.Google should put its emphasis on white hat seo and not do things like this to mess up their SERP results.My site is totally legitimate and has never been hit with any update EVER. Only now has it tanked in the rankings out of the blue. This to me proves – once again – that Google is totally unreliable to create a stable business. Entrepreneurs take note. We need more transparency and trustworthiness from a search engine and Google is not it.We need a new search engine that webmasters can actually trust. Google just gives us vague guidelines that can mean a thousand things and wonders why people hate them!
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