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Code Tricks

Optimizing a Web Page to Load Faster

HTMLA slow loading web page might as well not even exist.  Now that may seem like a bold statement, but consider this: 40% of web surfers will cancel or navigate to a different web page is it does not load in 3 seconds.  3 seconds!!!?   It takes that much time to turn your computer chair around and stand up.

Even though this information speaks volumes about the patience humans have with computers, the simple fact remains that 3 seconds or hopefully less is the standard that webmasters have to adhere to when it comes to designing web pages.

Have no fear!  There are some techniques you can implement that will help speed up your pages’ loading time and hopefully keep your pages well below the 3 second loading time. Continue reading

Hosting a Video on a WordPress Site which will be Compatible with iPad and iPhone Devices

Play ButtonA lot of people use Youtube to play videos, but every so often KMH Kreations encounters a client that wants to host and embed a video on their WordPress website, and not share the video on Youtube.  There are many different video players out there that will play on most browsers, but use Flash as a player and therefore alienate iOS users from being able to see the video.  With mobile phones growing in popularity as web devices, Flash players will not do.

Eventually HTML5 hopefully will replace Flash in everything including browser video playback, but for now, this tutorial will help WordPress website owners in the meantime. Continue reading

WordPress Permalink: How to Change the Title Attribute

WP Logo PermalinksPerforming SEO on a WordPress powered website is not without its complications. Dynamically  generated content is great for easy publishing while maintaining uniformity, but when it comes to SEO each page should be optimized separately, which can be difficult.

There are a lot of SEO WordPress plug-ins that will make it easy to configure almost everything required to perform the onsite tasks for SEO, but one thing that seems to be left by the wayside is the ability to modify the “title” attribute from “Permanent Link to (page title)” to something more optimized for your website. Continue reading

Adding an Artisteer Styled Template Button to the Content of Your Joomla Website

Artisteer ButtonArtisteer is a very easy to use and professional template creator.  The software can create custom designed templates/themes/layouts for popular CMS systems like Joomla! and Wordress.  Within the template creator, you can customize your buttons that will used to display on forms, widgets, and the “Read More” link in Joomla!

This tutorial shows how a button can be added within a post/page/article wherever you want it to be.  The only choices that need to be made, is whether the Artisteer template was created in version 3.x or 2.x, and whether the link opens in the same window or in a new one. Continue reading

How to Fix a Blank WordPress 3.x Dashboard

Broken WordPress InstallationIf you are one of those people just like I was yesterday, then you are staring at a blank WordPress screen, where your dashboard should be.  That was me yesterday.  There were a lot of tutorials out there about fixing 2.x installations, but they involved manipulating a plug-in database table, which did not exist in my WordPress 3.x installation.

So, here is the picture.  I can’t get into my backend dashboard.  However, I can see the frontend of my website.  With nothing but my 10 years experience in computers, and my wits, I tackled the problem and won… Continue reading


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