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Internet Wisdom, KMH Kreations’ Blog is intended to help businesses and other users of the Internet to better understand not only the basics but to have discussions that share wisdom onthe latest ideas that are part of the Internet /Web industry.

We touch on almost every facet of the Internet from hardware tosoftware technology advances and even a bit on the pitfalls of a given technology. The biggest thing we will look at is how the interfaces between hardware and software affect the use of a website. Our effort is to bring the impact into a clearer picture for the end users and their clients.

Subscrine to our RSS feed.As we talk with clients it become apparent that many of the technologies that we take for granted are foreign to them and as a result they place a lot of trust into their web designers to provide the right tools for their website. On the other hand, they want technology put into their site for various reasons, unaware of what the cost will be to keep it up and active. In the article, “The Top Three Indicators it is time for A Website Redesign” this situation is discussed.

One key point about Internet Wisdom is its effort to provide ideas and approaches inthe use social media tools like Blogs, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn or even basic items like calendars or pictures. Website owners want their site to be alive and vibrant but are not sure what that means in the way of time and energy. A second part of Internet Wisdom’s purpose is to provide insightful information on the Internet’s tools; focusing on what it takes to keep them up to date.

HonuOur mascot “The Honu” represents KMH Kreations on our mission. It is said Honus (Green Sea Turtle) lead the Hawaiian people to their Islands, so KMH Kreations with it’s Internet Wisdom is here to help guide you through the constantly changing sea of Internet information and technology,  lead you to where you know what you want, and how it get there.

Join us on this mission, you may have an area you would like to discuss, please share that with us. Stop by and share your thoughts on our Facebook and Twitter pages; just click on the buttons in the upper right corner of this page or fill in the comments section below.


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