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Does Google find legal content spammy?

That is the ultimate question addressed in this video. Matt Cutts from Google has released a new Webmaster Help video which discusses the issue of duplicate content. This one is about duplicate content and how it relates to legal content, such as disclaimers and/or a website’s terms and conditions.

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LinkedIn Finally Launches Company Follow Button

Today, February 27, 2012, LinkedIn announced on their blog that they have finally launched a “Follow Company” button.  Companies can now add the button to their websites, making it easy for users to follow a company profile straight from the company’s webpage.

With over 2 million companies in the LinkedIn network, LinkedIn expects major brands like American Express, AT&T, Starbucks, Sony, Rypple, DonorsChoose, Kiva to add the buttons to their website shortly.  Rumor has it that this new button marks the first phase of a new LinkedIn follower strategy that will unveil soon.  Hopefully we will not have to wait long for the new changes as long as companies have been waiting for a follow button.

Get the LinkedIn Company Follow Button here.

Joomla 2.5 Beta to be released December 20th 2011

Joomla 2.5On November 30th, 2011, Jean Marie Simonet wrote on the Joomla community blog:

“We plan to release Version 2.5 beta on or before December 20th.”

The upcoming non-beta release is scheduled to be released in January of 2012, but it looks like Joomla addicts will be able to get a taste of the new 2.5 version of the popular CMS.

The new features have not been announced, but Jean writes:

“To make this schedule, we have until December 12th to propose and test new features. “

Does this mean the developers are keeping a lid on the new enhancements (other than improved search) because they are not ready?  Or are they not exactly sure what addition will be made?  Either way, hopefully the Joomla developer team can meet their deadline so all of us Joomla enthusiasts can see for ourselves what all the fuss is about.

Think you’re ready for Joomla 2.5?  Make sure you’re prepared!

What is New in WordPress Version 3.3

WordPressThis November, WordPress 3.3 will be released after months of beta testing.  With the new revision come some new improvements that will improve the already great CMS.  Now keep in mind that some of these improvements will help improve the CMS, but others may be considered some minor GUI improvements that may not even be noticed. Continue reading

Optimizing a Web Page to Load Faster

HTMLA slow loading web page might as well not even exist.  Now that may seem like a bold statement, but consider this: 40% of web surfers will cancel or navigate to a different web page is it does not load in 3 seconds.  3 seconds!!!?   It takes that much time to turn your computer chair around and stand up.

Even though this information speaks volumes about the patience humans have with computers, the simple fact remains that 3 seconds or hopefully less is the standard that webmasters have to adhere to when it comes to designing web pages.

Have no fear!  There are some techniques you can implement that will help speed up your pages’ loading time and hopefully keep your pages well below the 3 second loading time. Continue reading

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