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Use of Internet technology as we see it

I saw an article on the TV news  about blogging and making money.  What a great idea!  It was quite interesting to see how people are writing and other people reading and then are going to other sites they saw listed (linked) to the blog site.  Because of the visits to other sites posted on the web site, the blogger is making money and advertisers are making money and everyone has a great experience.The idea is not new, but the ways to do it are a lot easier with new technologies.  Best part is that it appears that this form of technology meets the need of a lot of people.I Love to BLOG for money

I will caution you that a good blog site takes dedication and time to develop a following.  The rewards can be very nice, but it is work.  I am not trying to scare anyone away from blogging, rather I am trying to set a proper expectation of the task.  Like any real opportunity you  need to work at it, and with time and perseverance; good things will come to you.

It is actually a lot of fun and very rewarding to the soul…


I have a website, why do I need to update it?

This is probably one of the toughest thoughts for a customer to understand.

We typically ask the question, “Do you know the difference between a “Static” and a “Dynamic” website?”  To explain we then ask if once you buy or build a website do you think you are done, well if so, then what you want and have is a “Static” site.  Nothing changes on it!

A “Static” site may be okay to store information but if you want people to come visit your site again and again and learn about you and your company, and then buy or at least associate with you it needs to constantly change and that is definition of a “Dynamic” site.

Website are much like clothing, styles change and that influences what customers and clients think of you and how they feel you will take care of them.   Your webmaster needs to be always looking for new and improved ways to tell your story and help you to promote your business.

– – – – – – – – – – – –

The bottomline is, if you are getting all the business you expect from your website;  GREAT.  But,  if  traffic is slow and when you look at your traffic data,  you find visitors are actually making very short visits;  then I suggest that it is time to consider an update to increase your contact visits and business prospects.

Creating a Rotating Header Image For your Artisteer Joomla Template

We see a lot of different tricks out there for this, but most of them require lots of hacking and code modifying. The average user without a lot of code knowledge might have tons of trouble or errors.

In this tutorial,  well show you a way to do it, that will not require a lot of code steps or skills to achieve the desired effects.


1. Adding a “header” position to your template’s index.php.


Open up your template’s index.php and find where the code says:<div>. Right after the closing > add the following code:


<!– begin header –>;


<jdoc:include type=”modules” name=”header” style=”xhtml” />;


<!– end header –>;


2. Adding the Position to your template’s templateDetails.xml


In your template’s templateDetails.xml, find the code where it looks like this:













Add <position>header</position>; to the list of positions somewhere in between the <positions></positions>; tags.


3. Install Simple Image Rotator into your Joomla Website.


4. After the module is installed, go to the module manager, and open the “Simple Image Rotator” module. You will need to do 5 things.


On the left column:


  1. Change “show title” to no.
  2. Set “enabled” to yes
  3. Change the “position” to “header”

On the right column:


  1. Set the “image folder path” to the location on your server where you have put your header files.
  2. Change the “Image (header) width” and the “Image (header) height” to the width and height of your images.

Save and look at your page! now the images will cycle at random through your images!

We hope this helps the people like us who have wanted to do this function, but didn’t want to spend a lot of time and effort making this happen.



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