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The Facebook Battles of 2012

Google+ Vs FacebookWhile Facebook has grown to over 800 million users and counting, the war will continue to wage on in 2012 with many of the large technology companies like Google, Apple, and Amazon.  Don’t be surprised if there never is a clear winner, because the market seems to at the moment be able to support the amount of large businesses grasping at the market share.

However, just like Google Chrome overtook Internet Explorer 8 (keep in mind that Internet Explorer dominated the browser market all through the 2000’s) at the end of November 2011, there is always a possibility for Facebook to grow even more popular and influential than the company already is.  The 2012 battles include but are not limited to: Continue reading

Google+ Launches Brand Pages for Businesses

Google PlusToday, November 7, 2011 Google has announced that they have launched their version of the Facebook Fanpage called Google+ Pages.  The new Google+ pages look very similar to Google+ Profiles, except for a little icon that designates that it’s a Page rather than a Profile.

So far Google+ has focused on connecting people with other people. But we want to make sure you can build relationships with all the things you care about—from local businesses to global brands—so today we’re rolling out Google+ Pages worldwide,” Says Vic Gundotra, Senior Vice President of Engineering at Google. Continue reading

The Dark Side of Social Media in 2011

Dark Side of Social MediaWith Social Media rising in heaps and bounds, everybody should be excited with all of the changes that are happening, right?  Not entirely so.  Unfortunately, with the increase in popularity and the technology available, there are a lot of tricks being used in social media to dilute the personal experience.

Social Media was designed to provide users with an interactive online experience, allowing friends and family to connect with one another whenever they wish, making the world just that much smaller.  The thing is, that with the popularity of social media comes some negative setbacks that are exploiting the experience, primarily to gain popularity for commercial brands, SEO companies, and internet marketers.  Rather than use social media the way it was originally intended, they ploy these tactics to drive up traffic, increase popularity, and rank better in search engines.

Now you might ask yourself: What is wrong with that?  The answer I would give if consulted on the subject is:  Even though these tactics are effective, they are taking the personal connection out of social media.  Below I’m going to share with you some “dark side” tactics used in building audiences and you can decide for yourself whether you would use these or not. Continue reading

Wanting Google+ Invites Causes People to Forget About Spammers

Stop SpamOver the past week, I’ve seen a ridiculous amount of people paste their email address all over the internet.  As a professional Web Designer that works with KMH Kreations, a company that understands privacy protection, this makes my stomach churn.  If you are reading this to find out how to get an invite, the click here to read the only safe, dependable way to get one.

What I can’t believe, is how all of the people have forgotten that spammers thrive on acquiring free contact information.  On a Google+ Fanpage (which doesn’t seem to be affiliated with Google), you can click on the comments of any post and see tons of people who have offered up their email addresses in hopes of receiving an invite.  This is just one example from thousands of web pages that have offered an invite, and have been flooded with addresses.

Come on people, you know better than this! Continue reading


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